Independent Courier Trials an eBike

Riding a traditional e Bike can be challenging at times, but when you are using one as part of your job every day, with hills and poor weather, it makes delivering warm food, on a 16hr shift, a little harder.

Ross who works for Stuart wanted to increase his deliveries, but could only do this by using an eBike.

Here are the stats for 1 week Ross normally manages 18 deliveries. This week he achieved 61 and 500 miles. That means more earnings, more happy customers and increased fitness overall.

The future is bright for eBike deliveries. When streets begin to close in Newcastle and environmental laws become more aggressive and prevalent the eBike will continue to perform. No congestion, no emissions, no car park.

eBikes and eCargo bikes are the future of urban delivery. You saw it here first!

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