Santa is Net Zero, thanks to Ride Electric

Tynemouth, December 17, 2021 - Ride Electric celebrates partnership with Sunderland City Council on their sustainable initiative, with help from Santa.

We had a lot of fun working with Sunderland City council on their campaign to promote sustainable initiatives across the city.

As part of the campaign, Sunderland Council provided us with the opportunity to share our work on digital billboards across a few different locations.

And given the time of the year, it only made sense we got our friend Santa involved. 

We’re really excited and grateful to see our work displayed on the big screens.

The campaign started on the 6th of December and ends on the 19th of December. 

Hopefully we’ll see other councils and cities implement similar initiatives, and support businesses who are helping people reduce carbon emissions. 

Santa clearly agrees with reducing carbon emissions and is taking action.

What action are you taking?

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