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5 things to check before riding your e-Bike

By carrying out simple checks before or after you ride your e-Bike, you can make sure that you can continue to ride it safely for longer and enjoy the ride.

We’ve outlined a few key things to check before or after riding your e-bike.

If you notice any electrical faults or battery leakage, please don’t attempt to fix it yourself, bring it into our store and we will assist you. 

1. Tyre checks 

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The simplest way to check your tyre pressure is by pressing down on them. If you’re able to easily squeeze the tyres then it means that there’s very little air in it and the tyre(s) needs to be pumped.

It’s best to use a tyre pump which has a pressure gauge so that you’re able to meet the required range set by the manufacturer. The pressure range is usually printed on the tyre so you don’t have to guess or call up the manufacturer to find out.

Thinner tyres – mainly used for road bikes – tend to have a higher pressure range, while thicker tyres – mainly used for mountain bikes – tend to have a lower pressure range. 

If you’re using an e-Bike or e-Cargo Bike to carry your shopping or children on them, then you’ll want to set a higher pressure range (but still within the manufacturer’s recommended pressure range), meaning pumping more air into your tyres so that the weight of the shopping or children doesn’t flatten the tyres, and you can enjoy a smoother ride. 

Flat tyres on an e-Bike or ones with low pressure impact the battery life and range of the motor as it’s having to work harder to move the e-Bike.

It also makes it harder to spot a slow puncture as the motor is assisting you while you pedal, so you won’t feel too much of a difference, whereas on a normal bike, you’ll notice that you’re having to pedal harder. 

However, If you have a flat tyre, you should stop riding immediately as you may damage the rim of the wheel. 

2. Brake checks 

It’s crucial that you check your brakes are working properly so that you can ride your e-bike safely. 

Before you set you off, press the brakes to check they work, maybe try taking a few steps with the e-Bike and then pressing the front and back brakes to check they both work, they should bring the e-Bike to a complete stop when you hold down on the brakes. 

Also check there isn’t any mud or dirt on the brake pads as they could impact how they work. 

Checking your brakes is even more important, especially if you’re carrying a load or children, whether on an e-Bike or an e-Cargo Bike, so that you don’t get into an accident. 

3. Battery checks 

Do you have enough charge in your battery for your trip ahead? 

Whether you’re riding to the shops, commuting to work or taking a stroll, ideally you want to make sure you have enough juice to make the journey and back. 

Given the weight of e-Bikes, they can be harder to ride without the motor assistance, especially if you’re riding it up hills. 

The battery life varies from e-Bike to e-Bike, but it’s recommended you set off with a fully charged battery. 

A good approach is to either charge your e-bike overnight or as soon as you’ve finished using it.

And if the battery is detachable, make sure you reattach it back properly so that it’s not loose and the contact points are clean, otherwise, it could disconnect and make your ride uncomfortable.

4. Magnet/Cable checks 

On an e-Bike it’s almost impossible to check the cables as most of them are internal. Instead, check the magnet is in the right place in relation to the sensor. 

For example, on Bosch e-Bikes there is a little line on the sensor which the magnet should line up with. 

If you are riding an e-bike where the cables are visible externally, then make sure the cables are clean, and there isn’t any residue water on it or any wear and tear, as it could lead to not working properly or give you an electric shock. 

If you notice any issues with the cables such as being exposed when they shouldn’t be, bring your e-Bike to our store safely and we will assist you. 

5. Motor checks 

One of the main reasons people buy e-Bikes is because of the motor assistance, it’s really helpful when riding up hills or for people who are new to riding an e-Bike or might have some difficulty riding one (perhaps due to age).

That’s why it’s important to check the motor works. You can do this by riding your e-Bike in front of your house or garden to see if the motor works, before setting off on your journey. 

If the motor doesn’t work, check if the battery is fully charged and attached properly. If it still doesn’t work, contact us, and we will assist you. 

Check over; let’s ride!

Running all these checks means you get to fully enjoy your e-Bike, given they are a bit more expensive than a normal bike, you want to be able to enjoy using them for a long time, and by making sure you carry out these checks and take care of your e-Bike, you will be able to prolong their life.

Have fun and ride safely.