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Stromer Bike Now At Ride Electric

Stromer Bike

We welcome the great Swiss brand Stromer to our range. We have just had our first glimpse of the beautiful Stromer ST5, and are glad to announce that we are becoming a Stomer eBike dealer. We will be the only UK dealer North of London. 

Experience eBikes For Free

Test the best quality eBikes with us today for free! We understand eBikes are a considerable investment and therefore it is crucial that you get the right eBike for your specific lifestyle and needs. Whether you want to go on bike-packing expeditions and cover 100’s of miles or just pop to the shops and enjoy […]

The Electric Bike Revolution by Andrea McKernon

Andrea McKernon helps spearhead the Ride Electric eBike revolution in Northern Ireland! Hear from one of our partners Andrea, who provides a unique insight on how the phenomenon is changing the lives of people and businesses across the Irish sea. Are you searching for UK electric bikes? Do you want to know more about the […]

Region-wide e-bike campaign launches to protect and support the region’s workers

“We were introduced to the CEO of Rise, who was intrigued by the concept of using electric bikes to assist in their mission, which is to increase the activity levels of people who don’t exercise.” A new campaign has launched across Northumberland and Tyne & Wear to offer a safer and healthier alternative to public […]

Reducing your impact on the Planet

We are all responsible for our future and the future of our planet. Unless acted upon now the coming decades aren’t as bright as you’d hope. We are running out of time to save our planet. After we watched the new David Attenborough documentary “A Life On Our Planet”, it really gave us the realisation […]

Get active on your commute!

Active commuting is becoming increasingly popular in these strange times and eBikes are driving that change… Active commuting is becoming increasingly popular in these strange times. The usual concerns include, “I don’t think I’m fit enough”, “I don’t want to be sweaty at work” or “what about when the weather gets bad?”. An eBike – the […]

Riese & Múller 2021 Range!

One of the great companies we work with is the German brand Riese & Múller have just launched their new 2021 models.  All Riese and Múller bikes are German engineered and German manufactured. The Quality of the builds is unrivaled. They are also made to order, so when other manufacturers sold out due to the […]

The first ever EWS-E

Last weekend saw the first-ever EWS-E event. This is a series that will run alongside the EWS (Enduro World Series), this is a very exciting step forward in the eBike community and will hopefully be the start of professional eBike racing.  Enduro races are made up of timed downhill stages. The lowest combined time of […]

Ride Electric welcomes Klarna finance

We are happy to announce that we have launched Klarna finance here at Ride Electric. That means 0% APR finance on the purchase of an eBike. The payment can be spread up to 36 months making eBikes a valid option for everyone.  Due to the pandemic, the majority of bike brands have completely sold out. […]

Keep your eBike safe – 25% reduction in insurance premium

Our insurance partner Bikmo, uses data to make decisions and to enable them to build the best policy for the riders of e-bikes, they knew they needed to ask questions to the right people. Find out what they discovered… So after over 3,000 respondents later across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria, here are some […]

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