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Laka Insurance

Ride Electric partners with Laka insurance

eCargo bike insurance also now available.Ride Electric are now pleased to offer 30 days free insurance on all eBikes & eCargo bikes through a partnership with Laka insurance. eBike & eCargo bike theft has increased in recent years as eBikes have become more popular and valuable. E-bikes are often more

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All About The Brand New Stromer ST7

Are you looking for a fast, stylish, and innovative way around town? Look no further than the Stromer ST7. This high-performance speed pedelec offers a range of cutting-edge features and capabilities that are sure to impress even the most discerning rider. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stromer

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Ride Electric and e-Mobilise champion e-Bikes on Sky News

Sky News offered to interview us after we had been in discussions with them to supply e-BIkes for their Kay Burley and her production team to ride from Blyth, along Hadrian’s Wall to Carlisle.

The interview gave us the perfect opportunity to highlight the work Ride Electric and e-Mobilise has been doing since 2017 to help people across different generations adopt a more active and sustainable lifestyle – the e-Bike lifestyle.

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5 things to check before riding your e-Bike

It’s important to carry out a few checks on your e-Bike before you start riding it. The last thing you want is to be on your way to work or riding it down a long winding hilly road miles away from home and then the display or the brakes stop working or the tyres become flat.

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Stromer Bike Now At Ride Electric

We welcome the great Swiss brand Stromer to our range. We have just had our first glimpse of the beautiful Stromer ST5, and are glad to announce that we are becoming a Stomer eBike dealer. We will be the only UK dealer North of London. 

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Experience eBikes For Free

Test the best quality eBikes with us today for free! We understand eBikes are a considerable investment and therefore it is crucial that you get the right eBike for your specific lifestyle and needs. Whether you want to go on bike-packing expeditions and cover 100’s of miles or just pop

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The Electric Bike Revolution by Andrea McKernon

Andrea McKernon helps spearhead the Ride Electric eBike revolution in Northern Ireland! Hear from one of our partners Andrea, who provides a unique insight on how the phenomenon is changing the lives of people and businesses across the Irish sea. Are you searching for UK electric bikes? Do you want

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