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Coronavirus And The Environment

I’m sure you would have seen by now the effect the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the environment. Dolphins have been swimming to shore in the likes of Venice, as they are no longer deterred by unsanitary water. Lions, elephants, and others are relaxing in empty golf clubs in South Africa. This is, of course, all down to less burning of fossil fuels from industry and travel.

Cities across the world have been experiencing clear skies as the smog has cleared. Deli, the most polluted city in the world has experienced the cleanest air in decades. The air quality index readings typically on a good day are around the 200 mark. 25 is deemed unsafe by the WHO. Last year they peaked at 900. During the pandemic levels have regularly fallen below 20. Primarily to Delhi’s 11 million registered cars being taken off the roads. It’s the same story across the world. Beijing, Bangkok, Milan. All the same 

In Europe, flights have dropped almost by a factor of 100. Yet a lot of companies are still very much in operation. New products are having online launches in the absence of big trade shows. People are flown in from all corners of the globe to attend hundreds of events each year. 

People are working from home, using 21st century technology to get their work done. No need to spend money on transportation. No more money spent on £3 daily meal deals, no more resultant packaging waste. People are less stressed, more relaxed. Using their spare time to be productive.

Coronavirus has been seen to be a wake-up call for the way that we go about our daily lives. People are questioning their reliance on travel. Companies are looking closely at their need for office space, business trips, and overheads. Could this be the start of a less wasteful, healthier, society?

We certainly hope so. In Tynemouth, it’s great to see the quiet roads. Cyclists taking to the road for the first time in years. More people are choosing to walk and run. Do we need all this space for cars? We hope this triggers a change in mentality 

As always we hope everyone the best and that they stay safe. Be responsible on those bike rides.

Thank you again,

The Ride Electric Team 

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