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Ride Electric sponsor Craig Boggon on his COP26 e-Bike adventure


The world’s eyes are on COP26. With global leaders in attendance, this year’s event will hopefully go down in history as the turning point for the world to ascend to a higher plane of sustainable living, working, economics, politics and investment. 

From 31st October to 12th November, representatives from more than 200 nations will discuss efforts to uphold previous commitments made and how to drive further international action on climate change, including pledging to new carbon reduction targets.

Ride Electric have been driving part of this change for nearly 5 years, enabling individuals and businesses to adopt active living and commuting, specifically through e-Bikes. 


Sponsoring Craig Boggon

Ride Electric are already working with Craig Boggon to provide e-Bikes for Newcastle NHS Trust’s Community Team with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle within the team, reducing carbon emissions, reducing monthly expense costs and improving air quality for Newcastle city.

The company was excited to continue the relationship and support the challenge he took up, to ride over 500 miles from London to Glasgow ahead of COP26. He started on Sunday 23rd October and arrived in Glasgow on Sunday 31st to complete the challenge!

His ride has attracted media attention, including Sky News who did an interview with him ahead of his ride on the 22nd of October, where he shared the following: (Click play to view)

This excitement is echoed by Craig Goff-Cooper, founder of Ride Electric, who spoke to Craig Boggon when he dropped of the e-Bike today, and this is he added: (Click play to view)

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Ride Electric is a specialist company bringing the phenomenon of the e-Bike directly to the market.

Through its ever growing popular Experience Rides and award winning customer service, Ride Electric has been changing hearts and minds, and proven the value of e-Bikes for all age groups. 

Ride Electric offers premium, purpose-built e-Bikes for customers looking to enjoy the purest experience. 

e-Bikes like these offer intuitive controls, integrated lights, fenders and racks and an overall beautiful aesthetic. They are lighter, more robust and make cycling up a hill feel like using an escalator. They are very durable and won’t break down as easily. 

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