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Electric bikes ‘can help people return to work’

We are all aware of the focus on bikes and walking as the solution to assist business staff get to work safely.

We have been researching the impact of the recent announcements to reallocate road space for shared use. We are aware that plans are progressing right now and will become reality very shortly. This will remove the historic barrier of cycle use owing to a road infrastructure biased toward cars. We now need to consider how to enhance the takeup.

The adoption of cycling as a practical means of transport is severely compromised by the impractical expectation of people to ride a bike longer than a maximum of three miles or so – and especially not on a daily basis. Here are two articles which focus on the eBike as the only real option:

  • I can just glide through traffic’: how e-bikes could answer our commuting problems – The Guardian
  • Electric bikes ‘could help people return to work’ – BBC News

One of the factors impacting the adoption of eBikes by business users is their greater cost, allied with a lack of willingness for a company to own them. Following consultation, and our practical experience working with NHS and Police Forces, we are bringing the same flexible, long-term eBike hire option to business too.

These are economically priced, fully-managed eBikes on flexible terms. Our eBikes also collect health, safety and environmental data for reporting of the business benefits. We have included options for shared contribution too – so that it’s not the total responsibility of the employer.

We would like to e-meet with you to discuss how you can provide your employee’s a safe way to get back to work. We will be in touch, or you can book an appointment directly.