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Gazelle Grenoble C7+ HMB Low Step



The Gazelle Grenoble C7+ HMB Low Step is equipped with an exceptionally powerful and quiet Bosch mid-drive motor, making it an ideal all-rounder for both everyday use and longer journeys. This bicycle prides itself on a luxurious finish, boasting every conceivable addition without compromising quality. Integrating the battery within the frame enhances the bike’s appearance and improves stability thanks to the lower centre of gravity. In essence, it offers a remarkably smooth ride and secure handling. Moreover, the Grenoble now includes a standard MIK system carrier, allowing for the addition of your preferred accessories to tailor it to your needs.

The bike’s design is seamless, with the battery integration lending it a sophisticated look. At the same time, the lightweight frame ensures a comfortable and effortless ride. Whether navigating urban streets or enjoying a tranquil ride in the countryside, the Gazelle Grenoble embodies an impeccable blend of design elegance and practicality.

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Bike Style



Clay Green Gloss, Thunder Grey Gloss

Bike Size

46cm, 49cm, 53cm, 57cm, 61cm




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