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Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB Low Step



The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB superbly merges the comfort of a touring bicycle with the zest of an urban cycle, ensuring a top-notch journey as it whisks you from point A to point B with flair, velocity, and ease.

Ideal for both weekend excursions and brisk errands, the Ultimate C380 HMB excels in its role. It boasts an integrated component design within its frame, enhancing stability remarkably. The addition of the Enviolo trekking hub allows for seamless, stepless gear changes. Moreover, its striking frame design is bound to capture attention.

Enviolo’s durable, stepless gear hub makes transitioning between gears effortlessly smooth and applicable during pedalling, gliding, or at a standstill. This feature proves especially useful at traffic lights, permitting a downshift to the most suitable gear for an easy start. Gear shifts are remarkably fluid when paired with the robust belt drive.

Distinctly, the Ultimate C380 HMB employs a Gates carbon belt drive instead of a traditional chain, offering several advantages. It requires no lubrication, thus avoiding dirt accumulation. Lighter than a chain, the belt operates silently, even under full load, and boasts superior longevity, lasting three to five times longer than chains. This not only enhances sustainability but also ensures its lasting value.

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Mallard Blue Gloss

Bike Size

53cm, 57cm, 61cm, 65cm


500wh, 625wh


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