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Gocycle G4



The brand-new G4drive™ electric motor powers the Gocycle G4. This motor offers a smooth and silent journey, providing greater torque and improved low-speed start capabilities, all within a compact package leading its class. The proprietary G4drive™ and gearbox have undergone extensive development over several years and have been rigorously tested for countless miles at Gocycle’s research and development facility to guarantee they meet the high-reliability standards of the G4.

A new single-sided carbon fibre front fork encapsulates the fully integrated G4drive™ electric motor. It connects the Gocycle G4 chassis to the road. Its sleek and flowing design offers a pure aesthetic and helps lessen stress and reduce the overall weight. It’s designed to deliver increased vertical compliance for enhanced comfort while maintaining directional rigidity, ensuring confident steering around corners.

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Matte Black, White


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