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How to maintain your e-Bike


e-Bikes are similar to a regular bike, but they also include electrical components such as the motor, battery, lights and display screen, which require extra care to maintain but are not impossible. 

Please don’t attempt to tamper or disassemble the battery or motor at any time, not just when cleaning, as you could hurt yourself and lose your warranty. 

If you notice any wear and tear or any faults (e.g. electrical) with the e-Bike, then please give us a call at 0191 307 7700 or bring it to our store and we will assist you. 

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How to clean you e-Bike frame

When cleaning your e-Bike, don’t use high pressure water jets. Avoid spraying the battery and motor with water or taking it out as this will expose the connection points.  

It’s also helpful to cover the battery holder, motor and any exposed electrical connections with a dry cloth or cling-film so that accidental overspray is avoided.

You can rinse the e-Bike frame down with water and use a damp cloth or a sponge or brush to wipe off any mud or dirt – starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom. 

Make sure to rinse down the brake pads too so that there isn’t any dirt on them and if you have disc brakes, then you can use a disc brake cleaner to remove any dirt. Also, avoid using an oily rag or anything that has been in contact with the drive-train (chain cassette etc) unless you have a carbon belt drive. 

After you’ve washed your e-Bike, dry it using a clean cloth or towel and make sure you do this thoroughly so that there isn’t any residue water which could trickle into the electrical components. 

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How to clean and lubricate your e-bike drive train

We highly recommend belt drive as there is little to no maintenance involved and the last up to 5x as long as a traditional chain. However if your e-Bike has a chain, then the best way to look after it is as follows… 

The only thing to keep in mind is that depending on how often you use your e-Bike, it will impact how regularly you need to clean the drive train. 

Start by applying a chain cleaner (AKA degreaser) to your e-Bike’s chain and gear. Then remove as much dirt from the chain and gears as you can using a brush, including the tight spots in the chain. 

Don’t apply too much otherwise the degreaser could get into the bearing otherwise it will dry the bearings out.

Once the chain is dry, apply the lubricant again into the inside of the chain links and along the chain away from the brakes or motor, to make sure none of it goes on the brakes or motor. 

Finish off by removing any excess lubricant using a cloth and leave it to dry for a little while. 

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And then off you go

These are the simple steps you can take to maintain your e-Bike, and to make sure it remains in top condition.

Once your e-Bike frame and drivetrain is clean and lubricated (and dried), you’re ready to enjoy your e-Bike again, whether it’s for your regular commute to work, or using for leisure activity, or riding it through the countryside roads or hills.