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Keep your eBike safe – 25% reduction in insurance premium

Our insurance partner Bikmo, uses data to make decisions and to enable them to build the best policy for the riders of e-bikes, they knew they needed to ask questions to the right people. Find out what they discovered…

So after over 3,000 respondents later across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria, here are some insights that enabled us to give an incredible 25% reduction on our pricing for e-bikes.

E-bike owners are 38% lower risk than a non-electric bike owner

Before starting this research they had some hunches as to what the data may tell them and this statistic was the most satisfying to guess right. This data relates to the number of incidents reported by respondents compared to sample claims data on over 15,000 of our customers. Why? They believe this is down to a number of factors including the type of use of an e-bike and the demographic being more risk-averse.

And that is why they’ve managed to build a product with a rate 25% lower for e-Bikes than regular bikes. They can cover all of your bikes under one policy but you’ll receive a 25% discount on those that are electric.