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Maintenance Monday – Battery Care

Welcome to Maintenance Monday! A short post just giving you some extra information on how to get the most from your eBike.

Battery care is something still surrounded by a lot of misconceptions. In reality, modern Lithium-Ion batteries from the likes of Bosch are very easy to look after. You just need to know a few things.

Here are a few myths busted;

  1. Such as feel free to charge overnight as the charger disconnects when the battery reaches 100%
  2. Feel free to charge the battery when it hasn’t fully ran out. You can charge your bike at any point of the charge cycle
  3. Bosch rate their batteries for 1000 charges. We can plug your Bosch bike into our computer and check for you to see how many charges your bike has done. We have seen 70 charges equate to 6000 miles as a reference

Here are some things to look out for;

  1. A warm battery is a happy battery – Keeping your battery indoors at room temperature will mean that your battery will typically last longer than if you were to charge it in your garage. That goes for the long term and short term. So you may in fact gain a few miles to your range if you put a nice warm battery straight on to your bike. So we always recommend charging your battery indoors.
  2. Hibernation – If you are planning to leave your eBike over winter you must make sure that your battery has at least two bars of battery charge. Otherwise, after a winter of no use, the battery may be dead if you don’t keep if it was charged below two bars. Also, remember tip number one if you are planning on leaving it for a while!
  3. Remove when driving – In some European countries it is Illegal to keep your battery on your bike when your bike is on a bike rack. With eBikes becoming more and more popular police will be more vigilant. And again, tip number one still applies!  (We sell contact protectors in store to protect the battery port from the elements!)

There you are! A few short tips that should help you out.