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Open To Appointments – Doing What We Can

During this time, businesses have been forced to close in accordance with the guidelines set out by the government. However, lots of people still continue to work who have key roles to play in keeping society up and running. These key workers continue to rely on forms of transport in order to keep doing their important jobs. 

Cycling is arguably the safest form of transportation during the pandemic. You are completely isolated. Cars may be shared with others or have been used by others. It also goes without saying that cycling offers countless other benefits such as fresh air, endorphins and a sense of accomplishment that you just don’t get with driving.

For those reasons, we are still operating behind the scenes getting people from A to B. Coordinating with people over our usual channels as well as appointments at our showroom or over video. 

Rose, a key worker and new customer of ours, had an old eBike that broke down that was unfixable due to its age and unbranded components. She desperately needed a replacement to complete her 10-mile commute into work. She enquired with us on Monday, the bike was ordered on the same day. It was built and collected on that Wednesday. All done remotely. 

This is not the typical way of doing things but using our knowledge of the industry and one on one consultation over video or in-person (respecting all necessary guidelines!!) we can get you the right eBike for you. 

Welcome, to the bike shop of the future. 

If you are interested in an appointment or have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are here to help! 

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