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Ride Electric needs your support for frontline key-workers

Following our recent campaign to support our frontline key-workers by supplying them with eBikes for free to commute to work, we need your help more than ever.

We have been, and continue to be, inundated with requests from key-workers who are no longer able to use public transport. Public transport timetables have reduced, with some services even being cancelled, as well as the fact they are a risk of infection.

Can you imagine what it is like for an NHS key-worker who has just completed a 13 hour shift and has to walk home as there is no public transport available? And even if there was, it is unsafe due to risk of infection?

Even those key-workers who are commuting by traditional bicycle are finding the commute heavy due to their workload, but also can’t use public transport due to risk of infection.

They’re doing so much more to protect us – so please can you help us to support them?

eBikes are a new form of transport – not bicycles, nor mopeds, they are a unique vehicle opening a new category of personal transportation and this is why they would benefit a key-worker more than a traditional bicycle.

Please can you help us to support them?

We need your donations to sponsor an eBike for a key-worker. Please visit our crowdfunding page to donate and make that difference.  Click on the Crowdfunder logo below:

For transparency, Ride Electric are not making any profit from providing this service.  eBikes are provided on a long-term rental the funds raised go toward the costs of enabling the service. At the end of the term, the eBike can be purchased by the NHS Staff Member for the difference in the contribution made and the cost price of the bike or returned to us.