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This includes everything you need to start your own e-Bike business from e-Bikes, accessories, marketing and business support, an online booking platform and much more!

How is the Ride Electric Network Business Model disrupting the market?

Bikes and e-Bikes are in greater demand than ever before, demand has completely outstripped supply. In fact at a time when bikes have never been more sought after bikes shops are closing at a faster rate than ever before – they simply do not have stock and the traditional model of selling bikes needs rewritten.

The Ride Electric Network model is simple.

We are offering others the opportunity to replicate exactly what we have done already – growing a business by 100% year-on-year through a customer-centric approach and only dealing with premium products. The secret is in the way we do it….

How can you start a business selling electric bikes? Or how can I add this to my existing business?

You can start your own e-Bike hire and retail business – it is a turnkey package with everything you need from e-Bikes, training, marketing, insurance and everything else you could possible need.

Joining the Ride Electric Network is a fantastic way to start your own business – it is also a great way to diversify an existing business. In fact this is exactly what Ricky, our first ever partner, has done with his activities business, Alive Adventures in N. Ireland. Realising the need to offer his customers new activities, Ricky decided to add e-Bike hire to kayaking, surfing and paddleboarding. It became very clear however that there was a lot more potential here than hiring e-Bikes.

“Initially I contacted the team at Ride Electric to find out more about hiring e-Bikes as I thought this would be a great add-on for my customers. Craig took me on an experience ride and I was immediately hooked. After spending a lot of time with the team and really getting to understand how their business model worked it became clear the real opportunity to impact my revenue was in fact through e-Bike sales.”

As Ricky found out, joining the Ride Electric Network allows you to establish a new dual revenue business, through hiring e-Bikes to your customers and selling electric bikes also. This is achieved without having to invest in large retail spaces and large amounts of stock. The investment in partner status is a turnkey business including e-Bikes, accessories, marketing, online booking platform, business support and onsite training in e-Bike sales and maintenance. 

Join the Ride Electric Network

This is a turnkey package which will allow you to start your own e-Bike hire business.

We invite inspired entrepreneurs to join us in the disruption of the e-Bike industry. Start your own e-Bike rental and sales business.


How does it work?

We supply the e-bikes and accessories along with all the marketing material including graphic design, a featured page on the Ride Electric website, social media support and anything you might need. All of this is covered within your set up cost. Once you are set up and selling or hiring your e-bikes, we’ll share a split margin of each sale.

What is the Startup Cost and expected Return on Investment?

The exact package is customised for your specific needs, you will be carefully guided through your options with a Director of Ride Electric. This will include 100% transparency on all costs. Part of the onboarding process includes a bespoke Business Plan with financial projections which you can tailor for your own specific opportunity.

The minimum investment Partners typically invest starts at £25,000 for the turnkey package. 

How can this be a low-risk investment?

The financial investment to become a Partner is lower than the cost of the e-Bikes and accessories if you bought them independently. In addition to covering risk through the value of products each Partner will receive a myriad of added extras from marketing material to business support to online integrated booking platforms.

What type of people start an electric bike hire and sales business?

Existing small business owners looking to add an additional revenue stream such as activity providers, hospitality and tourism companies. When you already have a business with your own prospects and marketing the addition of the Ride Electric Network scheme is relatively low monetary and time investment with high return on investment.

Stand-alone businesses. This is where the Partner’s only business is hiring and selling e-Bikes through Ride Electric. This is exactly how it all began with Ride Electric in North Shields.

Read Rick’s Story

I am the owner of Alive Adventures and Surf School in Portrush, Northern Ireland. I am the first Ride Electric Network Partner in Northern Ireland.

I initially approached Ride Electric to buy bikes as an add-on to my activities business, Alive Adventures. Then lockdown hit. Over the next year I watched how Ride Electric operated, the way the business grew, quickly, through a very focused customer-centric model. I also saw how they only dealt with premium brands. In particular, Riese and Muller which are premium e-Bikes made-to-order from Germany.

While I had originally only thought of ebike rentals it became clear that the financial potential in sales was huge. The systems Ride Electric put in place to support the business were beyond anything I had seen before, anywhere. I knew that with their knowledge, support, expertise and training I could replicate their success in Portrush.

I’ve also found that electric bike hire is in demand in my native Portrush too. I get to keep 95% of the hire fees so this is a good recurring income for me.

I am very grateful to have diversified by business just before covid and I can honestly say that being a Ride Electric Network Partner has kept me afloat. My friends and family have been very supportive of my Ride Electric journey. This experience has opened up opportunities for quality family time while doing something we love, being outdoors and exploring Northern Ireland.

I am so bought into the philosophy of Ride Electric that I decided to invest in the business. I’ve become a Ride Electric Partner in February 2021.

For anyone who becomes a REN Partner in Northern Ireland I look forward to becoming your mentor. I look forward to helping others create their own successful business in e-Bikes.

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