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eCargo bike insurance also now available.
Ride Electric are now pleased to offer 30 days free insurance on all eBikes & eCargo bikes through a partnership with Laka insurance.

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eBike & eCargo bike theft has increased in recent years as eBikes have become more popular and valuable. E-bikes are often more expensive than traditional bicycles, which makes them a more attractive target for thieves. Additionally, eBikes are often equipped with valuable components such as batteries and electric motors, which can be sold separately for a high price.

Many eBike owners do not use locks or other security measures to protect their bikes, which makes them an easy target for thieves. Additionally, some eBikes may be stolen for parts or to be resold, as there is a growing market for used eBikes.

To help prevent eBike theft, it is important to always use a high-quality lock or other security measures, such as a GPS tracking device. It is also a good idea to park your eBike in a well-lit and visible area and to avoid leaving it unattended for long periods of time. Additionally, be sure to keep a record of your eBike’s serial number and other identifying information, which can be helpful in recovering a stolen eBike.

Who are Laka?

Laka is a UK-based insurance company that provides insurance specifically for electric bicycles, including eBikes. Laka’s insurance policies are designed to be flexible and affordable, with no upfront costs or fixed premiums.

Instead, Laka operates on a community-based model where policyholders share the cost of any claims made within the community. This means that policyholders only pay for what they use and are not locked into a fixed premium.

Laka’s eBike insurance covers a range of events, including theft, accidental damage, and personal injury. Policyholders can also choose to add additional cover, such as breakdown cover and overseas travel cover.

Laka’s claims process is designed to be simple and hassle-free, with claims handled entirely online. Policyholders can submit a claim through the Laka app, and the community will decide whether the claim is valid and how much the policyholder should pay.

Overall, Laka’s eBike insurance offers a unique and innovative approach to insurance, providing flexible and affordable cover that is tailored specifically to the needs of eBike riders.




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