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Riese & Múller 2021 Range!

One of the great companies we work with is the German brand Riese & Múller have just launched their new 2021 models. 

All Riese and Múller bikes are German engineered and German manufactured. The Quality of the builds is unrivaled. They are also made to order, so when other manufacturers sold out due to the pandemic, Riese & Muller were still able to fulfill our orders and put a smile on our customer’s faces.  

The Models that have been updated in 2021 are the Roadster, Roadster Mixte, the Multicharger and Multicharger Mixte. 

The Roadster’s now features a sleek inTube battery which makes the bike look really smart. Perfect for your city commute to work.

Please visit our online shop to view the bikes we offer. If you have any questions please contact us via the chatbox on our website or on 0191 307 7700.