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An e-Bike is for life, so it’s important that just like ourselves, we keep it in good shape! And because we care about our customers, we offer support and servicing for all requirements.

need a repair
or upgrade?

Book your e-Bike in for a repair assessment from Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.

We’ll discuss any problems you’re having with your e-Bike or any upgrades you want. Once we discuss the work required, we can order parts and book the service face to face.

Assistive Maintenance Program

AMP is our Assistive Maintenance Program that keeps your e-Bike at a level of mechanical performance, security and safety through regular service schedules, software updates and warranty management.

how does
AMP work?

When your e-bike is delivered, we will talk you through your AMP support and the options available.

We will schedule service intervals with you so that appointments are made across the duration of the program, with a handy reminder a week before your service is due, then on the day and time allocated, pop in where you and your bike will be looked after.

What’s included
in the AMP service?

All maintenance is carried out by our expert technicians using only parts and consumables recommended by the manufacturers we work with to ensure compatibility and performance.

Included within the service are items such as brake pads, drive belts, software updates, lubricants and labour. We also offer a comprehensive cover of your battery pack against failure for the duration of your AMP agreement.

Service description:

e-Bike check

An overall safety check following a key systems checklist. This then creates an activity event for any remedial work needed which can be done inclusively within your 1 hr service using parts that are included in service.

Inclusive service items:

1. Front and Rear Brake Pads
2. Drive Belt (if snapped)
3. Oils and lubricants
4. Battery and motor warranty
5. Software updates

Initial 14 day theft insurance

Optional Secure Tracker Services and Green Report

trade-in benefits

We realise you’ve just got your beautiful new bike, but thought it appropriate to say that your investment is future proofed through the care and attention it will receive through AMP.

As e-Bike technology evolves, grows and develops, we want our customers to be safe in the knowledge that they are able to enjoy that evolution by knowing that we can offer an appropriate trade in value knowing that your bike has been serviced and maintained well. Simply let us know at the point you fancy a change.

Assistive Maintenance Program

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