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Speed Pedelec

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Everything you need to know about Speed Pedelec’s and riding them in the UK.

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what are Speed Pedelec's and why use one?

A Speed Pedelec, also known as a high-speed electric bicycle or S-Pedelec, is a type of electric bicycle that provides assistance while pedaling, allowing riders to reach higher speeds than traditional bicycles. Unlike regular electric bicycles, which are typically limited to a top speed of around 15.5 mph (25 km/h), speed pedelecs can reach speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

Speed Pedelecs are equipped with a more powerful electric motor compared to regular e-bikes, typically ranging from 500 to 900 watts, and they often feature larger batteries to support the increased power output. The electric motor on a speed pedelec provides assistance proportional to the rider’s pedaling input, meaning the more force the rider exerts on the pedals, the more assistance they receive from the motor.

Due to their higher speeds, Speed Pedelecs are subject to different regulations and requirements in various countries. In some legislations, they may be classified as electric mopeds or motorcycles and require additional licensing, registration, and insurance. Riders may also be required to wear helmets and follow specific laws for motorized vehicles.

Speed Pedelecs are popular among commuters who want to cover longer distances quickly and efficiently while still getting some exercise. They provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to cars or motorcycles, particularly in urban areas with congested traffic. It’s important to check local regulations and requirements regarding Speed Pedelecs to ensure compliance and safe riding.

what are the Speed Pedelec Laws in the UK?

It’s amazing to see how far technology has come that we can now enjoy cycling with a little extra boost from an electric pedelec. Yes, there are varying regulations and requirements in different countries, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing the joy and convenience of pedelecs! Some may even classify them as electric mopeds or motorcycles, which means even more exhilarating opportunities to explore your surroundings! The extra effort of securing registration and insurance is worth it, as it means greater safety and peace of mind for you as you journey. And of course, let’s always prioritize safety by wearing helmets and following specific laws for motorized vehicles. So let’s ride on with enthusiasm, knowing that we have access to amazing pedelecs that enhance our cycling experiences!

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some FAQ’s

Are you afraid of that steep hill? You think the mileage is too much for you? Although you still have to pedal the e-Bike drive provides a nice boost for your efforts. They go up to 15mph and are a solid help on the climbs to increase your average speed. Pedal assist bikes give you a constant nudge on your ride and conform to your pedal cadence and torque. When your pedal pressure increases to get up a hill so does the amount of power the motor outputs. Less effort on your part translates to less power assist.

These bikes come with gears that operate in the same way as a regular hybrid bike. They feature an 11-speed drivetrain with gear ratios that are very similar to what you’d find on a mountain bike, which means you have a great range for climbing.

Operating range depends on many factors such as the assistance level, gear changing behaviour, route profile, headwind and temperature, but in general, the average range of our battery packs is up to around 60 miles.

Our personal lease plans are more flexible than buying the bike, as you can switch to a new bike at the end of the lease. Just select the Personal Lease plan when you choose your bike.

All e-Bikes are pedal assist. You always have to pedal to get assistance. e-Bikes no longer have a throttle, they are illegal and are classed as mopeds. e-Bikes are limited to 15.5mph in the UK

There are two types of motors. Mid drive (bottom bracket, where the pedals are) and Hub (center of the wheel). In the UK they are limited to 250 watts of average, continuous, power, eg they can peak higher. Their tangible power is defined by torque in newton meters. It’s the acceleration and hill climbing ability.

Mid drive vs Hub:

At 250w you’ll get more power from a mid drive. They are more efficient (eg range), they can disengage for no resistance without the motor. Weight is low and central eg stable. Mid drives are made by reputable brands eg Bosch, Shimano, Brose.

Modern hub drive motors are typically lighter so more suited for folding bikes that frequently need to be lifted.


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