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Stromer Bike Now At Ride Electric

We welcome the great Swiss brand Stromer Bike to our range.

We have just had our first glimpse of the beautiful Stromer ST5 and are glad to announce that we are becoming a Stomer eBike dealer. We will be the only UK dealer North of London. 

Never heard of Stromer? Stromer is a Swiss brand, and it is one of the world leaders in the new era of urban mobility. They produced their first Speed pedelec in 2009 and partnered with the well-known Swiss bike brand BMC. In 2017, Stromer became independent again, and since then, it has continued to grow and won multiple awards for its speedpedelecs. 

All Stomer eBikes are high speed which means they are capable of 45kph opposed to the 25kph reached by a regular eBike. They are a brilliant car replacement and in a lot of cases shorten commute times. The benefits of an active commute are both monetary and improvements in well-being.   

One of our customers has told us that he “saves £40 per week on fuel” that is over £2000 per year. Using his Stromer only adds 10 minutes on to his commute compared to driving. This is the future and we are excited to see it. 

Stromer Bike stands for a new era in urban mobility. We respond to the challenges of urban traffic with new technologies and Swiss engineering: We develop powerful Speed Pedelecs with integrated design, full connectivity and outstanding ride qualities. Made for commuting and the road, but above all for the people who will ride them.

We are shaping the future of mobility. With more riding joy, efficiency and quality of life.

With Stromer Bike, Mobility means freedom. This is why we are making them fit for our growing cities. For flexible, networked and efficient travel. With bikes that are ahead of their time by a wheel length.

We develop the best Speed Pedelecs. And we inspire the people to use them every day.

This claim can be found in every Stromer bike, from the frame to the software. For this reason, we have specialized in Speed Pedelecs from the beginning. Our Stromer Campus near Bern is therefore not only the assembly plant, but also the development site.