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Supporting Northumbria Police – COVID19

Over the last few weeks, the UK has been scrambling to respond to the global pandemic – Coronavirus. It will be the first time the Olympics hasn’t been hosted every 4 years since world war two.

Businesses have been forced to close, movement is heavily restricted and public services are stretched even thinner than they were before. Our NHS and it’s heroic staff are working around the clock keeping our most vulnerable healthy. The Public’s response has been massive 405,000 volunteers in just 15 hours.

Yet the future of the virus in the UK hinges on the public’s cooperation following the rules set by the government in order to keep our NHS from becoming overwhelmed. It is Imperative to slow the spread. 

Unlike perhaps me and you, a small proportion of the UK isn’t following the guidelines. Treating the pandemic as a holiday or perhaps just doesn’t believe it is a risk. Our good friends at Northumbria police are doing their best to quash large gatherings in the northeast. In North Tyneside, the neighbourhood teams have only two squad cars free to use. 

This is where we come in. Currently, our showroom is on lockdown, only meeting our customers through appointments. Observing current guidelines and using nitrile gloves and sanitising using surgical alcohol where possible. Therefore, we have some eBikes at our disposal. 

In addition to their two, we are donating a further two additional eBikes to help combat irresponsible behaviour. This will hopefully make that bit more of a difference in patrolling key areas where people may gather. Places that a car would never be able to reach I might add.

We hope everyone is staying safe during these uncertain times and following the appropriate guidelines. If you are interested in making an appointment please do so via our website whether it be to talk about electric bikes or just for someone to talk to we are here to help!

Thank you for reading and be careful, Ride Electric