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The first ever EWS-E

Last weekend saw the first-ever EWS-E event. This is a series that will run alongside the EWS (Enduro World Series), this is a very exciting step forward in the eBike community and will hopefully be the start of professional eBike racing. 

Enduro races are made up of timed downhill stages. The lowest combined time of each stage is the winner. However, the riders cant use uplifts to get to the top of the hill like in downhill racing, they have to ride. This means the riders need a high level of fitness, as they will be penalized if they miss their start time.

The rules and set up is slightly different from the standard EWS. Some of the changes include:

  • 1 out of 6 -7 stages will be an uphill technical stage, apposed to all stages being downhill   
  • The course will be 3 loops (minimum of 2 different loops). Each loop will take at least 1 hour to complete.  So total bike riding time in a 1-day race will be around 4 hours and 3,000m climbing. 
  • The time cut to get to the start of each stage will be very tight and there will be a lot of time penalties for anyone who is late to the start.
  • After each loop, the riders will get 40 minutes at there paddock to charge batteries and get mechanical assistance.
  • All bikes must meet EU regulations and have a 25kph assistance limit.

We are hoping EWS-E is going to open people’s eyes to the capabilities of eBikes, and show that eBikes can be used by everyone, no matter what your ability level is.

You can watch the highlights from the first round here: