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At the best of times, Anti-Social behaviour is bad for our communities. It creates an atmosphere that makes many feel unsafe. Often hand in hand with littering, destruction of property and worse. Antisocial behaviour in these uncertain times is actually threatening to life. As groups of people congregate COVID19 spreads, threatening those involved and everyone they come into contact with. It is a more prominent issue than ever before.

Our good friends at Northumbria police are leading the charge against this issue across the northeast. Cracking down on hotspots, helping prevent the spread on the front line. Their neighbourhood team cars have had to be surrendered for 24hr response so they now lack the ability to cover large distances of open roads. Public transport is no longer an option. So neighbourhood teams have resorted to their existing bicycle range. Bicycles can travel were cars can’t cover large distances and allow the police to easily interact with communities while being safe.

However, even the fittest cyclist wouldn’t want to cover such distances in full uniform and heavy vests on old bikes in disrepair. Your average officer will struggle to cover the distance required in a safe and fair manner. 

Last December/January we ran a trial with Northumbria police in Wallsend where they used two Electric mountain bikes to do patrols in 18 days of winter riding they covered 650miles. Electric mountain bikes allow neighbourhood teams to cover more distance in less time with less effort. Allowing officers to battle fatigue so they can stay fresh and battle antisocial behaviour. Protecting our communities and helping combat COVID19 on the frontlines.

Inspector Mark Storey, the officer leading on the initiative, said: “These bikes really have been a huge asset to our Neighbourhood Teams.

“The distance we can cover on the electric bikes is significantly further compared to that of a standard pedal bike.

“They’ve already been a great help in operational policing and helped us tackle anti-social behaviour which we know is a concern in communities.

“We are very grateful to the Cramlington Councillors for the contribution and can’t wait to continue to see the benefits for both the team and the public.”

Cllr Barry Flux said, “I am only too happy to allocate my small scheme funds to help our police officers on the beat in Cramlington.”

These sentiments were echoed by Cllr Christine Dunbar who added: “This is a fabulous initiative and I am pleased to support it, these bicycles will be an asset when patrolling the streets of our town.”

Cllr Mark Swinburn highlighted Cramlington’s cycle network saying “The cycle routes make our town ideal for this type of approach and this will bring better and closer accessibility to the community.”

Cllr Wayne Daley added ” We immediately agreed to support the ‘bobbies on bikes’ scheme which will allow us all to continue to have the valuable community policing we all enjoy as a safe and friendly town.”

Electric bikes are a new form of transportation. Allowing officers of all fitness levels to cover large distances with ease. Helping our communities where they otherwise couldn’t before, whilst also gradually improving our brave officer’s fitness and mental health. We think that our Officers deserve these bikes and intern can help our communities.

So lets collectively support this initiative and give them a wave or a cheer when you see them out there!

Thank you once again,

The Ride Electric Team