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Riese & Muller UBN Six



The Riese & Muller UBN Six stands out as the quintessential urban bicycle. It has all the essentials for a seamless transition from point A to B. The lightweight and whisper-quiet Fazua Ride 60 drive system contributes to its dynamic ride. The UBN Six’s minimalist and sleek design captivates at first glance. It features a modern, linear frame design that seamlessly incorporates the Fazua drive system, enhancing the bike’s aesthetic appeal. The strategic placement of the motor and battery within the frame contributes to its visually pleasing design, with the convenience of the battery being chargeable both on and off the bike.

The bike’s easy-entry, step-through frame facilitates effortless mounting and dismounting. Tipping the scales at just 19.5kg, the UBN series represents one of the lightest electric bicycles in our range. Approximately 6kg lighter than its competitors, the UBN Six Touring offers a more agile and responsive ride. Its remarkably lightweight nature doesn’t just contribute to a more natural cycling experience; it also significantly extends the bike’s range.
The Riese & Muller UBN Six masterfully disguises its electric capabilities, providing a smooth and powerful ride. The synergy between the potent, silent Fazua 60 drive system and the 430Wh battery facilitates seamless power assistance whenever necessary. With a peak torque 60Nm, the motor is ideally suited for commuting and leisurely rides, offering simplicity and efficiency. The UBN Six can be comfortably ridden without pedalling resistance, even when the electric assist is off, for a versatile cycling experience.

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Silent, Touring, Vario

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45cm, 51cm, 57cm


Black Matt, Night, Pure White


Riese & Mūller


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