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The Electric Bike Revolution by Andrea McKernon

Andrea McKernon helps spearhead the Ride Electric eBike revolution in Northern Ireland!

Hear from one of our partners Andrea, who provides a unique insight on how the phenomenon is changing the lives of people and businesses across the Irish sea.

Are you searching for UK electric bikes? Do you want to know more about the phenomenon that is the eBike? Hear from one of our partners Andrea McKernon, who provides a unique insight on how the phenomenon is changing the lives of people and businesses across the Irish sea.

I see you have found your way to reading this. That means you are browsing and/or attracted to the evolving phenomenon of the eBike.

I warmly welcome you to this blog on behalf of Ride Electric.

After all, I was you a few months ago.

My name is Andrea McKernon and I’m a Ride Electric partner in Belfast, part of a two-person power pack spearheading the electric bike revolution in Ireland.

I’m the Titanic woman, peddling political murals and the city’s hills and cycle lanes. Ricky Martin from the beautiful coastal town of Portrush 60 miles from Belfast is our epic Giant’s Causeway, Game Of Thrones, Dark Hedges leading man driving the Ride Electric concept into Ireland.

Ricky and I are not bike experts. We are not electric pedal engineers. We are two ordinary people who found our fortunes dramatically changed due to Covid-19.

Seeking a new direction, Ricky, a surf school owner and me, a Belfast journalist and serial side hustle entrepreneur, gravitated towards the captivating appeal of the electric bike mode of transport.

Without knowing each other, we were simultaneously seeking an opportunity to create an eBike rental business near our respective homes.

A Google search led me to the irrepressible Craig at Ride Electric following an opportunity emanating from the legalisation of eBikes across Northern Ireland in May 2020. Ricky had been in contact a short time prior to my reaching out.

So electric bikes brought us all together in a common new business-seeking endeavour.

The appeal for Ricky and I, and Craig and everyone in the team at Ride Electric is this wonderfully accessible, game-changing green mode of transport.

Just like sliced bread and glass bottled water, eBikes are the renewal of the humble bicycle into something that serves modern people in the lives they live – their families, work, leisure and now in these uncertain and changing coronavirus times.

The appeal for me was the incredible engineering of an electric pedal assist, a clever reinvention of the genius pedal bike product, the sleek design and impeccable build quality. One look at eBikes online and I was in love.

But the other attraction was how I could make a difference with bringing an eBike into my life. I was acutely aware that an eBike was more than just a purchase – it is a way of life.

Involving myself was a statement of intent. Along with reducing single-use plastic and trying to help the environment in the small ways I could, the issue of my car had to be mitigated. With electric car affordability a problem and not having a driveway for charging, that emissions issue – the biggest one the planet today – could be offset with buying and using an eBike, I mused.

I saw the huge potential in ditching the car for my local journeys to the supermarket and taking the dog for a walk.

I saw the chance to break free with the bicycle, but without the barriers of hills and punishing myself to get super-fit.

The chance to incorporate regular exercise into my daily routine, rather than exercise having to be a separate, added aspect of my life, was one I knew I could sustain.

I saw a lifestyle, a design for living and wanted to live it and share it.

And then I got on an eBike for the first time and I knew I had found a fitting vehicle for my life and all our futures.

I know I can build a rental business with Ricky and the guys at Ride Electric, one I can be proud of.

A business where we can add to people’s lives and promote green tourism and transport. That makes me feel happy as a daisy.

My dream to provide an unforgettable experience to visitors and our local population that involves gliding through famous, beautiful and amazing areas on an exquisite piece of engineering that is the eBike, is happening.

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