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World Bicycle Day!

In light of recent events, cycling has been put under the spotlight. People have battled with furlough and isolation for over two months. People have been looking for relief, some escapism from being locked in the house going round and round. Cycling has provided an outlet for people’s mental and physical health.

The UK is beginning to wake up to a world with fewer cars and no public transport and is beginning to see the benefits. People who haven’t cycled in years are beginning to see bikes not just as a thing you rode as a child, but as a viable alternative form of transportation. Unlocking cleaner air, lower stress, and a healthier lifestyle. 

The Government and local authorities are starting to put measures in place to help cycling grow. 2bn pounds of investment, pop up bicycle lanes, road closures, pedestrianisation, repair vouchers. It’s only going to keep growing. We have always been of the opinion that if you build it and they will come. It has been a chicken and the egg battle with the authorities. They wanted evidence before investing in cycling that it would be beneficial. But the public doesn’t like cycling on roads overflowing with cars, it’s unsafe and no fun. But their hand has been forced so let’s make the most of it.

Today is world bicycle day. Let’s try and draw some positives from 2020 and get out on your bike. Whether that be from coast to coast or to the shops and back. Go out and promote a healthier way of living for you and the planet.

Thank you again!

The Ride Electric team